Bugg (Chris Bugge) originally from Norway started surfing on the south coast of England where he tinkered away in his garden shed before taking a board with a new fin box concept to the Alley Fish Fry in Cornwall back in 2011. Kasey Curtis from Lokbox took interest and introduced him to Matt Biolos from Lost who offered him the chance to come out and work with them. Working his way through the famous surf alley in San Clemente with people like Lost, Ghetto House, Bashams, Drew Brophy, Terry Senate and Timmy Patterson as well as others. Chris made this place a home for about 5 years and spent all his time working and learning down here in between surfing some of the perfect waves San Clemente has to offer.

Chris also spent time working in Ireland (Glide Surfboards), Spain (Pukas) and France (RT and Minvielle).

After nearly 10 years of traveling and working Chris has now set roots in Cornwall and is making his boards at the Ocean Magic factory.


You can now order custom handshaped surfboards by Bugg through here.



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