who are you  anyway?

Born in Norway and growing up skateboarding and snowboarding I moved to England in 2000. I took to surfing after complications from skate accidents/operations and have never left since.


Having spent the last ten years travelling, learning and working with some of the biggest names in the surf industry I've been able to learn all aspects of board building, from start to finish at an intense rate. First setting out to California working with Lost, I was taken in by Paul Berton (Ghetto House) and learnt working in production from the deep end. My brain became resin.


Eventually learning how to really use a planer and hand shape from people like Terry Senate and Timmy Patterson, this really kept my passion alive during heavy stints of manufacture and large scale production. It's something I still love and practise to this day which enables me to keep creative, research and focus on the finer details and to design better boards. 

From California, Australia, Ireland, England, France and Spain, the industry has kept me on my toes, learning at a pace almost hard to keep up with. These experiences, friends and mentors have been priceless to me and something that will remain a huge part of my life. Which, thankfully means I'll still be traveling a lot and keeping my passion for board building alive and in tune with current designs.

I'm now based on the south coast of England, back where I first began, in East Wittering, making my boards at the factory where I run the day to day operations doing what I love, designing and making boards all day!

Previous work;

Lost, Ghetto House, Terry Senate, Bashams, Timmy Patterson (San Clemente - CA)

Minvielle, RT, Guy, Shaper House (Basque Country-France)

Pukas (Basque country-Spain)

Stretch (Glass hut) Glass Lab - (Australia)

Ocean Magic, Open (England)

Glide (Ireland)

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